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Have you made your goals for 2018 yet? I know that some of you had because before the New Year came around I had several requests for the 2018 free printable blog planner— bloggers ready to get started making their 2018 blogging goals happen!

I’m excited to get my first to do item marked off my 2018 list… the 2018 Free Printable Blog Planner is ready for download! Read on to see what is included and to sign up for your free printable. If you are already a subscriber, go to your last email from me and log in to the subscriber only library to find the full new set of printables!

Free Printable Blog Planner 2018 | A Well Crafted Blog

Build Your Ideal Blogging Planner

First, this is a “build your own” style of planner. The reason I chose this style of planner is because one does not fit all in the blogging world. Some bloggers blog multiple times a month, others blog once a week. Some bloggers are hobby bloggers and don’t need pages of financial planning while others use their blogs as a business and welcome a little financial organization. The pages included in this planner all coordinate with one another. Pick and choose which pages will make the perfect planner for you. If you are just looking for one quick download then I also have a planner built into a PDF that is a fairly complete and general planner. You just need to download and print!

There are over 50 different downloads to help you build your ideal planner, including:

Blog Brainstorming Worksheets:

  • Blog Resolutions
  • Focus Your Blog Worksheet
  • Post Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Year of Ideas Worksheet

Organization Tools:

  • Affiliate Program Tracker
  • Finance Tracker
  • Pitch Minder
  • Project Budget Worksheet
  • Sponsor Tracker
  • Collaboration Tracker
  • Contact Tracker
  • Stylesheet Worksheet
  • Password Tracker
  • Analytics Tracker
  • Social Media Platform Tracker
  • Monthly Income Report
  • Post Maintenance Worksheet
  • Weekly Blog Maintenance Worksheet
  • Monthly Blog Maintenance Worksheet
  • Year in Review Worksheet
  • To Do Lists

Calendar Planners:

(Note: I keep all my planners without dates listed on them so that they can be used at anytime. I always hated it when I had some bad months and didn’t use a dated planner and then had to simply throw it out when I hit a new year!)

  • Month at a Glance Planner  (List)
  • Monthly Blog Post Planner (Calendar View)
  • Weekly Blog Planner (7 Days)
  • Three Posts Weekly Planner (3 Days)
  • Three Posts Daily Planner (For those over-achievers out there or large blogs out there)
  • Two Posts Weekly Planner (2 Days)
  • Two Posts Daily Planner
  • Single Post Planner
  • Social Media Planner
  • Monthly Instagram Planner- NEW!
  • Monthly Facebook Planner – NEW!
  • Post Promotion Planner – NEW!


(I love having inspirational quotes on the covers.)

  • 2018 Blog Planner Cover
  • Plan the Work, Work the Plan
  • Money, Money, Money
  • Social Media Cover
  • Important Info Cover
  • January 2018
  • February 2018
  • March 2018
  • April 2018
  • May 2018
  • June 2018
  • July 2018
  • August 2018
  • September 2018
  • October 2018
  • November 2018
  • December 2018

Blog Maintenance Worksheets Free Printables - A Well Crafted Party

What’s new?

Each year I go through and modify pages from the previous years and adding new pages as I see fit. I fixed some mistakes on the 2017 edition and made a couple of the sheets more user-friendly. In addition, I added in some new worksheets, including:

  • Monthly Instagram Planner: Plan out your month in Instagram posts. Apply themes, work on your stories, plan out your hashtags.
  • Monthly Facebook Planner – Commit to sharing one post per day on Facebook by planning out a month of posts. Don’t forget to take note of how well those posts did so you can continue to deliver content your readers respond to!
  • Post Promotion Planner – Are you promoting each of your posts well? Are you mixing up your posts in promotion so that you can see what works and what doesn’t? This suggested promotion plan will help you in scheduling out your promotion beyond the publish date.

Obviously, this isn’t a lot of new items. Part of that is because I’ve developed this so much over the years that I didn’t find a lot of new areas of need. The other part is because I have been developing a FREE E-Mail Course on Finding  Your Blog Passion. Finding Your Blog Passion e-mail course will launch in the next couple of weeks!

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12 thoughts to “Free Printable Blog Planner 2018

  • Sangeetha

    Wonderful! Thank you so much. Just what I needed this year 🙂
    Love from India.

    • Jenni Bost

      Fantastic! So glad. I hope it comes in handy!

  • Charity Ward

    Just wanted to say I really love your 2018 Blog Planner. It is very colorful and thorough. I didn’t use every piece but pretty much. I am still in the early stages of my blog so the analytics and income pages are for later on. Thank you so much for designing and delivering it to us for free!

    • Jenni Bost

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I appreciate the kind words and am glad you like it!

  • Theresa Buker

    Hi, I’m having trouble accessing the 2018 Blog Planner. I’ve signed up a few times and even joined a facebook group–but still no link to the Blog Planner. Please help ! Where can I find it?

    • Jenni Bost

      I’m sorry. I am emailing you a direct link. My email system shows that you have been emailed the info, but I know sometimes things get caught in spam filters! Also, I currently don’t have a Facebook Group… so, not sure which one you are a part of, but my blog planner won’t be a part of it.

  • Lola

    Could you please send me the planner? I have tried 3 times to down load, I guess I don’t know what i’m doing wrong? Please send PDF File.
    Thank you so much.

    • Jenni Bost

      Lola, I’ll email you directly. I don’t typically send the file as it is so large. But, we will work together to make sure you’re able to download.

  • Ava

    Jenni, I seem to have the same email challenges, but would love to have the resources available as I start up my web page, etc. Thanks so much!!!

    • Jenni Bost

      Ava, I’ve sent the link over. Sorry about the trouble! 😀

  • Keya

    Hi Jenni. This is great. It’s just what I needed to get motivated this year with my blog. Keep up the good work!

    • Jenni Bost

      Thanks so much! I hope it helps. 🙂


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